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PSN 2022 Conference Committee

Tom Armstrong is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Surrey and a composer who studied composition with George Nicholson and Roger Marsh. Performers of his music include Jane Chapman, Simon Desbruslais, the Fidelio Trio, the Ligeti Quartet, the Delta Saxophone Quartet, and New York based cellist Madeleine Shapiro. The compositional revision process is the subject of Tom’s CD Dance Maze (Resonus Classics 2018). The composer/performer relationship and musical borrowing are his other practice-based interests. Tom directed the AHRC-funded research network ‘Music Composition as Interdisciplinary Practice’ in 2016.



Georgia Volioti is a Lecturer in Music at the University of Surrey with research interests in performance studies, music psychology and music education. She has served on a number of conference committees. In 2019, she organised and hosted at Surrey the Performance Studies Network research forum ‘New takes on recorded music’. She is currently co-editing the book Recorded Music in Creative Practices (Routledge SEMPRE). Other ongoing research projects include a large-scale study on evaluating creativity in recorded performance.



Christoper Wiley  is Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of Surrey. He is the author of many book chapters and journal articles published in The Musical QuarterlyMusic & LettersJournal of Musicological Research, and Arts & Humanities in Higher Education. He has co-edited volumes including Researching and Writing on Contemporary Art and ArtistsTransnational Perspectives on Artists’ Lives, and Women’s Suffrage in Word, Image, Music, Stage and Screen.



University of Surrey and the Department of Music and Media

The University of Surrey has been established on its current site in the lee of Guildford Cathedral since 1966. Formerly the Battersea Polytechnic Institute (founded 1891), then Battersea College of Technology from 1957, the University has always had a strong reputation for its science, engineering and technology research and education. This has been expanded in recent years to include veterinary medicine and 5G/6G communications technology. The arts, humanities and social sciences have been represented in the University since its foundation and are currently housed in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS). In 2009 the Guildford School of Acting relocated to Surrey’s Stag Hill campus, further strengthening the performing arts within the University’s portfolio.

The Department of Music and Media is the home of degree programmes in Music, Creative Music Technology, Sound Recording (Tonmeister), Film Production & Broadcast Engineering and Digital Media Arts. Music and Sound Recording were the first programmes established and were strongly linked in order to provide an environment in which musicians and recording engineers could support and learn from each other. As the music industry has expanded and diversified so has the Department’s provision but connections between its programmes remain plentiful and students study in a multidisciplinary community. Research in the Department occurs across all its subject areas encompassing musicology, practice-based and practice-led research in composition and performance, spatial audio, psycho-acoustic engineering and virtual reality media. Contemporary music-making and technology forms the basis and focus of much of the research activity in the Department.

More detail about research in the Department of Music and Media can be found here and on the ‘Links‘ page.

The Performance Studies Network

The Performance Studies Network was established by the Centre for Musical Performance as Creative Practice (CMPCP) as a means of bringing musicians, scholars and creative industry practitioners together to enable debate, further the development and diversification of research activity in performance and maintain dialogue and cross-disciplinary relationships after CMPCP’s funding expired in 2014. The network has held five international conferences (Cambridge 2011, 2013 & 2014, Bath Spa 2016 and the Norwegian Academy of Music 2018), it maintains the email forum PERF-STUD-NET and hosts the online PSN Resource Guide.

Further details about PSN and CMPCP’s successor, the Cambridge Centre for Musical Performance Studies (CMPS), can be found on the ‘Links‘ page